mission statements

Anita Cholewa anita at MOZART.CBS.UMN.EDU
Thu May 2 15:42:32 CDT 1996

As has been mentioned by some already, PROPERLY CRAFTED
mission statements can really do a lot in terms of planning,
acquisition, and arguments for day to day maintenance.
If we in the biological collections community cannot explain
to others why collections should even exist, we have done
a disservice to our field.  If the general public (and some
other scientists as welll) view museums/collections as nothing
more than "show-and-tell musty dusties," what have we
contributed to education about natural science?  Mission
statements that really speak to missions help explain us.

To the comment about annual reports from Mary Barkworth, let
me add my support.  We also do an annual report and in it
we lay out everything we do over the year, from research
summaries from the staff to how many specimens were added
to how many requests we answered for information.  To those
who say, "but everyone knows thats what happens in herbaria,"
I reply only if the "everyone" are other herbaria people.
Most people outside my department and even some people
within have NO CLUE as to what goes on in the herbarium.

Anita Cholewa

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