Hawaiian molluscs on the WWW

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Wed May 8 17:34:48 CDT 1996

Two Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS) information resources have recently
been made available on the web, dealing with the native land and
freshwater molluscs of the Hawaiian Islands. Both are searchable.

1. A checklist of all the species-group names (species and infra-specific
taxa) applied to the fauna. Each name is placed in a genus and family
according to the most recent published revision.  The author and date of
publication of each name is given. The individual island(s) on which the
taxon is found is/are also given. Searchable fields are family, genus,
species, author, date of publication, and island.

The data have been obtained from the "Catalog of the native land and
freshwater molluscs of the Hawaiian Islands" (Cowie, Evenhuis &
Christensen, 1995). Most of the work to database the information was
undertaken by Paul Scott of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
The user-friendly search interface was designed and implemented by Jeffrey

2. A bibliography of literature on the fauna. This bibliography was also
taken from the "Catalog". It includes citations for all the original
descriptions of the native Hawaiian land and freshwater molluscs, as well
as citations for the taxonomic revisions that have been used in compiling
the "Catalog" itself. In addition, key works dealing with more general
aspects of the biology of the fauna are included. The bibliography is
waisindexed and is searchable by word or character string.

The checklist and bibliography can be accessed from the Hawaii Biological
Survey (HBS) home page by clicking on "Databases" and then on "Mollusk
Databases". The address for the HBS home page is:


The published "Catalog", which contains extensive additional information
can be obtained from the publisher:

Backhuys Publishers
PO Box 321
2300 AH Leiden
The Netherlands

phone +31 71 170208
fax: +31 71 171856
e-mail: backhuys at euronet.nl

Additional information about the Hawaii Biological Survey,including other
available databases, staff and program information, etc., can be accessed
from the HBS home page.

These mollusc databases have been developed for the web by Gordon Nishida,
Neal Evenhuis and Jeffrey Sue.

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