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Thu May 9 08:08:35 CDT 1996

                            THE CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
                               invites your participation in

                                   FELLOWS' SCIENCE DAY
                                 on Saturday, May 11, 1996

                           at the California Academy of Sciences
                                    Morrison Auditorium
                              Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

                         "THE GALAPAGOS:  PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE"

                                        A G E N D A

9:30          Welcome by Academy President, Dr. William Clemens

9:45          Historical Highlights of Galapagos Scientific
                Dr. Alan Leviton, CAS, and Dr. Robert Bowman, SFSU

              Galapagos Geology:  a short review of
              investigations and a longer review of
              historical vulcanism
                Dr. Thomas Simkin, National Museum of Natural History,
                Smithsonian Institution

11:00         The Current Ecological and Political Issues which
              are Impacting the Galapagos
                Dr. Chantal Blanton, Director of the Charles Darwin Research
                Station, Galapagos.

12:00         Lunch (map of neighborhood restaurants will be provided)

2:00          Ichthyological Research in the Galapagos: from the
              surface to a half mile down
                Dr. John McCosker, CAS

2:45          Mid-water Research in the Galapagos: new patterns in
              evolution and ecology
                Dr. Bruce Robison, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

3:30          Closing remarks

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for all those wishing to attend Fellows'
Science Day.  Please make your reservations by Thursday, May 9th.

For your convenience, reservations may be made by contacting
Patricia Dal Porto at:
        Email pdalporto at
        phone (415) 750-7351 fax (415) 750-7346

This symposium is open to all interested individuals and is free of charge.

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