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Joseph E. Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri May 10 10:10:29 CDT 1996

I had so much fun sending out free literature last week that I decided to
offer some more. Clearing out some of the stuff on my shelves revealed
more stuff behind it, books I had not read in years. As with the previous
offer, material is free but I will as for reimbursement for postage.
Please write to tell me what you want and why you want it. Last time, I
had as many as 7 requests for a single book, so I had to try to decide who
was most worthy.

BOOKS ($5 each for postage unless otherwise indicated)

1. Access: A directory of contacts, environmental data bases, and
scientific infrastructure on 175 biosphere reserves in 32 countries.
EuroMAB 1993.

2. Smith, J.B. 1975. A key to the genera of grasses of the coterminous
US, 5th edition. Eureka: Mad River Press [55 cents postage, as it is
rather small]

3. Wasson, RG et al. 1996. Persephone's Quest.

4. Clement, D. 1990 L'ethnobotanique montagnaise de Mingan. Universite de
Laval Centre d'Etudes nordique 53 [$2]

5. Headland, TN 1992. The Tasaday Controversy. Washington: Amer.
Anthropol. Assoc.

6. Nu~nez Melendez, Esteban. 1982. Plantas medicinales de Puerto Rico.

7. Etkin, NL. 1986. Plants in indigenous medicine and diet. Bedford
Hills: Redgrave.

8. Britton, NL, & A Brown. 1970. An illustrated flora of the northern United
States and Canada, vol. I (ferns to buckwheat). New York: Dover. Reprint
of 1913 edition.

JOURNALS ($1 each for postage)
1. Medicina Tradicional [Mexico DF] 3(10)

2. American Soc. Pl. Tax. Newsl. 9(1) and 9(2) [55 cents for the set]

3. Etnoecologica 1(1)

4. Fremontia 10(3)

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