Geocoding Localities 2

Tue May 21 19:59:26 CDT 1996

In order to relocate a number of old (1800's) localities, I started by
plugging the locality names and what little other information I had at
the time into an online geographic names server.  That was good enough
to narrow my search to one or two local area maps.  I used the maps to
determine more precise AND more accurate coordinates than were obtained
from the GNS.

Use of a GNS is fast and easy to automate.  But I think it is important
to annotate any records containing such data so that the provenance of
the coordinates can be retraced and, if necessary, the coodinates can
be corrected or improved in the future.

The SMASCH <> data
model tries to capture the provenance of individual data points such as

        Una Smith
        Department of Biology
        Yale University

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