Avoiding foxes!

Juanma Orta-Ocana ibzo0 at CC.UAB.ES
Fri May 24 12:47:14 CDT 1996

Hello all,

I'm working in ecology in burrowing spiders. I have many problems with
foxes. I think they smell my odour and then they dig on the burrows and
destroy them. I'm loosing a lot of focal individuals.

Have anybody some idea on how to avoid foxes without dammage them?

I was thinking in chemical products, but I've no idea which ones.

Any suggestion will be wellcome.


Jordi Moya-Larano

Departament de Biologia Animal, Biologia Vegetal i Ecologia
Unitat de Zoologia
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

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08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona) SPAIN
Tel.: (3) 581 13 18
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