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Stephen Darbyshire DARBYSHIRES at EM.AGR.CA
Fri May 24 09:02:23 CDT 1996

>>> Juanma Orta-Ocana <ibzo0 at CC.UAB.ES> 05/24/96 08:47am >>>
Hello all,

I'm working in ecology in burrowing spiders. I have many problems with
foxes. I think they smell my odour and then they dig on the burrows and
destroy them. I'm loosing a lot of focal individuals.

Have anybody some idea on how to avoid foxes without dammage

I was thinking in chemical products, but I've no idea which ones.

Any suggestion will be wellcome.


Jordi Moya-Larano

There are repellents that are sold in pet shops (etc.) for deterring dogs
and cats from areas.  Usually (in North America) they come as plastic
capsules or as aerosol spray.  There are inside and outside types.
Perhaps something like this would work.

Good luck.

Stephen Darbyshire

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