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On May 23 Alexandre Pires Aguiar wrote:
>   I have been trying to find the complete citation for "LEACH, 1830", in which
>   the family STEPHANIDAE (Hymenoptera) was first proposed. The problem is that
>   "Leach, 1830" is all I was ever able to find. I do not know in which
>   journal, number, pages, etc, Leach published his/her paper.
>   Alexandre Pires Aguiar
>   aguiar.2 at

The correct reference is as follows:

[LEACH, William Elford] [1815]. Entomology. In: Brewster D.
    The Edinburgh Encyclopedia. Vol. 9: 2+766 p. Edinburgh.

The authorship and date of publication are originally not given,
and should be enclosed in square brackets as demonstrated only
by external evidence. See also:

Carpenter M. M. 1945. Bibliography of biographies of entomologists. -
    Amer. Midl. Nat. 33(1): 1-116; Supplement - Idem. 1953 50(2): 257-348.

Hope this is of some use.


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