Cataloging photographic slides

Mike Jefferies mjefferi at PCUG.ORG.AU
Tue May 28 15:08:31 CDT 1996


I am interested in your software:-

> I am currently the representative for a software program specifically
> designed for viewing and sorting photographic images (it can also accommodate
> quick-time video and digitized audio recordings). Each image can be searched
> using up to 100 separate fields (including a general notes section) and can
> be viewed grouped as one of 8 small images, 2 larger and 1 "full view" per
> "page." Images are stored in the hard-drive as low resolution "jpegs" for
> speed of access, with the "memory hog" hi-res image residing on auxilliary
> media (back up hard-drive, Zip disk, Syquest disk, optical or CD, etc.)
> For information, brochure or a demo CD Rom, please contact me.

In the first instance I would be interested in info on the system requirements
and pointers to a demo if there is such a thing:-)  Note I run OS/2 which will
run 'standard' msdos and Windows programs with no trouble.

regards,   Mike

Mike Jefferies; Canberra, Australia
mjefferi at or CompuServe 100035,374
06 286 4033 or 015 212 134

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