Contact in Krakow

Clifford Wetmore wetmore at VZ.CIS.UMN.EDU
Wed May 29 18:19:31 CDT 1996

At 05:17 PM 5/23/96 +0200, you wrote:
>Forgive the irrelevance to many, but I would like to contact someone in
>charge of the entomological collections at the museum in Krakow, Poland.
>Any assistance would be much appreciated.  Please respond to me
>Denis J. Brothers (Prof.)                  brothers at
>Department of Zoology & Entomology, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg
>Private Bag X01 Scottsville                tel: +27 (0)331-260 5106
>3209 SOUTH AFRICA                          fax: +27 (0)331-260 5105

  Did you get any answers? I have the e-mail address of a former student there and
I could ask her to relay the request unless you have found a better contact.

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