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Richard Podolsky Podolsky at AOL.COM
Tue May 7 12:28:02 CDT 1996

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Your assistance is kindly appreciated.

I am compiling a research report / resources document for the United Nations
Development Program (UNDP) on the general subject of the use of computers to
manage biodiversity data.  To complete this report, I would like to be made
aware of any and all computer-based systems that you know of, or that you
use, for any one of the following tasks:

1.  Fauna Data Management Systems.
2.  Flora Data Management Systems.
3.  Genetics and Germplasm Databases.
4.  Raster GIS Systems.
5.  Vector GIS Systems.
6.  Remote Sensing and Image Analysis Systems.

If you are aware of any computer-based biodiversity management systems and
would like others to know of their existence, please answer as many of the
questions below as you can, and send them to me at:  podolsky at

If you would like to receive a copy of the final report, due in this June,
please send me your address and I will make a copy available to you.

All respondents to the questions below will automatically receive the report
unless they notify me otherwise.

Here is what I would like to know:

1.  Name of system?

2.  Name, address, fax and phone number for the designers and/or contact

3.  Email, FTP, and World Wide Web coordinates for the designers and/or
contact organization?

4.  Availability and cost?

5.  Complete description of the system, including the following:

          a.  Full feature set and functions?

          b.  Hardware and software minimum requirements?

          c.  Input and output data formats?

          d.  Current users?

          e.  References / reviews?

          f.  Training and Conferences?

Thank you kindly for your prompt response.
Richard Podolsky, PhD.
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