Hetaerius/Dasytes/Chrysobothris (and Ephedra)

Doug Yanega dyanega at DENR1.IGIS.UIUC.EDU
Thu May 9 14:42:58 CDT 1996

Back from a three-week trip to Arizona, with a grab-bag of small
beetle-related questions which I'll toss out to see if there's a quick
answer to them:
(1) Anyone work with or know good keys to the Histerid genus _Hetaerius_? I
caught a minute one running along in a _Neivamyrmex_ army ant column,
figured it might be an interesting record. Probably a published
association, but one never knows with myrmecophiles.
(2) Anyone work with Melyridae, or know a reliable key to Dasytes species?
We were working with Larrea pollinators, and there appeared to be umpteen
jillion of these Melyrids eating the pollen right off the anthers, possibly
a significant competitor for the resource, and it'd be nice to get a
positive ID on the beasts (I matched them to specimens here in the INHS
labeled "Dasytes ruficollis," but that was in the 1890's and not very
(3) Anyone know of any records of Chrysobothris (Buprestidae) boring in
Ephedra stems in Arizona? I caught a mating pair of a small species on
Ephedra trifurca, which is admittedly not proof of a host relationship, but
certainly suspicious. I don't know that I've *ever* heard of any
stem-borers in Ephedraceae.

This makes me ponder something...Some day, we ought to organize the
equivalent of a taxonomic "ride board" - an electronic bulletin board where
we can put standing requests for certain taxa from certain geographical
areas, and when we take a trip, check out who might be interested. It would
certainly help to know that a certain group has an active researcher, to
maximize the utility of one's collecting efforts. After all, it's not very
efficient (or all that exciting) to take a major collecting trip and then
have 90% of the material sit untouched for the next 20 years. Anyone have a
Web site that could be used for such purposes? Just a thought...

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