molecular species?

Detlef Leipe leipe at CROCUS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Mon May 20 18:06:58 CDT 1996

Dear All,

I would be interested to know if the codes of nomenclature and/or
common usage requires it that the names of organism have to be
based on a morphological description.  Assuming that it allows the
unambiguous identification of a particular sequence, could a
molecular sequence, (be it as a gel, a paper hardcopy or an electronic
file) become the name bearing type?

I assume that there might be differences with respect to the acceptance of
non-morphological data between zoological/botanical nomenclature
on the one hand and bacterial nomenclature (and practice) on the other.
Would anybody be able to comment on this?

Thanks in advance

  Detlef Leipe

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