Morchella biology

Regis Courtecuisse Regis.Courtecuisse at PHARE.UNIV-LILLE2.FR
Tue May 21 19:07:42 CDT 1996

Dear Taxacomers,

May I forward you a lettter from a friend and colleague, who is an amateur
mycologist, working of the genus Morchella, taxonomically, ecologically and
I think and hope that some of you might have some elements for an answer to him.

Please send your contribution to me because he is not computer-connected and
I'll forward him the answers I'll get.

Many thanks in advance and best regards.


Forwarded and translated message :

Dear colleagues,
I am working on the family Morchellaceae (Ascomycota, Fungi).
A common parameter for the occurence of many species seems to be sugars. As
far as perennial morels are concerned, sugar comes from the sap of certain
tree species. Unfortunately, when I read botanical floras or some
pharmaceutical books, I don't find the data I need.
Could it be possible to get an idea about the trees containing sugars within
their sap and more precisely its chemical (sugar, maybe glucose, dextrin...)
Many thanks in advance for your help and best regards.
        Philippe Clowez

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