Chair in Biodiversity

Scharff, Nikolaj {ZMUC} nscharff at ZMUC.KU.DK
Wed May 22 13:55:00 CDT 1996

Zoological Museum (University of Copenhagen)
Chair in Biodiversity (Living Vertebrates)

A position as full professor of zoology at the Department of
Vertebrate and Quaternary Zoology is vacant.
   The Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen, which holds
some of the large zoological collections of the World, is an
institute of the Faculty of Sciences. The principal activities of
the museum are research, curation of the collections, public
exhibitions, and teaching at the graduate and postgraduate levels
in the subjects of the research of the museum. The research is
centered around systematic zoology, zoogeography, faunistics,
biodiversity and Quaternary zoology. Molecular systematics is not
studied at the Museum, but at the neighbouring Zoological
   Applicants should be vertebrate systematists of international
standing in the scientific community with primary research
interests of biological diversity in different geographical
scales. Understanding of evolutionary, historical and ecological
conditions and processes which are the causes of these patterns
should also be documented. Emphasis is also on documented
abilities to relate the research to actual global changes of the
environment and to develop research programmes in collaboration
with other disciplines.
   Other duties include:
   Teaching of vertebrate zoology in relation to biodiversity.
   Participation in national and international programmes for
research, teaching and curation of collections.
   Work on taxonomic-biogeographical computer databases related
to geographical information systems.
   Curation of some of the Recent collections of the department
(these include data on bird banding).
   Administration. The head of department is elected for three
year periods and the professor will not necessarily be head of
   If the selected person is not Danish it is required that a
knowledge of Danish sufficient for teaching and committee work is
acquired within two years.
   The professorship is a tenured position under the Ministry of
Education. The annual salary is approximately 410.000 Dkk after
contribution to the pension scheme. There are no grants or
stipendia automatically associated with the professorship.
   The application, marked 05-211-47/95-5224 and written in
English, must formally be made to the Rector of the University of
Copenhagen and sent to the Faculty of Science,  ster Voldgade 3,
1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
   Applications, in order to be considered, must have been
received by the Faculty of Science no later than on June, 20th,
   The application should contain a curriculum vitae, details
about experience in museum work, teaching and administration, and
a complete publication list with indications of the publications
(max 10) which the applicant considers most relevant to the
position. Three copies of the application and of the
contributions considered most relevant (co-author declarations
must be supplied for these) should be sent to The Director,
Zoological Museum, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen,
Denmark. The evaluation committe may ask for supplementary
material, which the applicant must then provide in triplicate.
   The entire report of the evaluation committe will be sent to
all applicants, who must treat the material about the other
applicants as confidential.
   Potential applicants may obtain further information about the
Museum and the Vertebrate Department from the Director, Zoologisk
Museum, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 K benhavn, Denmark; fax:
+45 35 32 10 10; e-mail: director at

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