phylogeny of Salicaceae (??)

John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Thu May 23 21:29:35 CDT 1996

I am forwarding your e-mail to George Argus, Canadian Museum of Nature
(retired) who can surely give you all available information.  John

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>Hi There!
>We are interested in the history of the relationships between
>Salicaceae-feeding insects and their host plants.  We have completed
>a phylogeny of a group of leaf beetles that feed on those plants, and
>we would like to compare our tree with existing information about the
>evolutionary relationships among their hosts.  We would love to know
>more about the phylogeny of the Salicaceae.  If anyone knows of any
>recent papers on this subject, preferably based on molecular markers,
>or of any research groups that address this problem, could you please
>send one of us an email?
>Thanks a lot in advance
>Alfred Koepf
>Experimental Ecology
>ETH Zentrum - NW
>CH-8092 Zurich
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>fax +41 1 632 12 71
>koepf at
>Nathan Rank
>Assistant Professor
>Department of Biology
>Sonoma State University
>Rohnert Park, CA 94928
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>fax 707 664 3012
>home phone 707 794 0165
>email:  rank at

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