Cataloging photographic slides

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Mon May 27 08:45:01 CDT 1996

For various reasons, we shall be starting to catalog the photographic slides
and digital images in the Intermountain Herbarium in the near future.  Has
anyone any suggestions as to offer?  The system used must be inexpensive to
implement and maintain, our budget being like most - stretched to the max
and then some.  The fields I currently envision using are:

Photographer's name, species name, features shown, orientation of picture,
accession number of slide, file name of digital image, accession number of
documenting specimen, state, county.

For some slides, a habitat or association description will replace the
species name.  Species names will be linked to a file that will provide the
family name.  The accession number of the documenting specimen will be
linked to the main herbarium database and hence, access to complete
information.  The last two fields (state, county) will be used for
undocumented slides.  A barcode will be placed on the photographic slides to
help us in keeping track of them.

A cataloguer from the university library is currently working on the books
in our reference library and will be soliciting ideas from other cataloguers
about the slide collection but she and I agreed that it would be worth
asking the opinion of taxonomists as well.  At present the slides are filed
by family, genus, species in a cabinet.  They do not have accession numbers.
Some associated information is written on the slide, but not the accession
number - or even collection number - of the documenting specimen.

Feel free to reply to me directly.  Mary Barkworth

Mary Barkworth

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