Commercial ads on Taxacom

Joseph E. Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Thu May 30 20:55:54 CDT 1996

Jacques Rifkind <Muisca at> wrote:
> >(I am doing this as a for profit venture. If anybody has a problem with
> >per-request advertising (as opposed to general spamming), I would remind
> >them that the Internet was designed to  facilitate communication between
> >politicians striving to perfect weapons of mass destruction and their
> >academic and industrial whores. In other words; please spare any
> >sanctimonious flames about the "degradation" of the net by commercial
> >activity--they will fall on deaf ears.)

It has been quite a while since I have read a posting quite as arrogant as
this one. I for one have no desire to receive commercial advertisements on
Taxacom. Dr. Rifkind needs to move his ego down a notch.

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