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> On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Linda Stathoplos wrote:

> Taxacomers:
> I've been charged with setting the field length for
> each part of a taxonomic name for a relational database. We'd like to
> make it as short as possible, but still long enough to accomodate known
> existing names.
> The longest name in the NODC Tax. Code at the moment is:
> Archaeosphaerodiniopsidaceae (28 characters)
> Anyone know of any names longer than 28 characters?
> For this purpose, I'm only interested in the longest name
> PART...that is, the genus length ONLY, the specific epithet
> length ONLY, etc.
> Thanks!
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If I've read the data dictionary correctly then IOPI (International
Organization for Plant Information) have chosen 33 characters.  See


for more information on IOPI and


for their `Taxonomic Information Model for Botanical Databases'.

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