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Leonard Krishtalka kris at FALCON.CC.UKANS.EDU
Thu May 2 15:55:46 CDT 1996

        Anita said it very well.  My shorter, brutally realistic version
would be:  A collection without a mission is a collection asking to be

At 03:42 PM 05/02/1996 -0500, Anita Cholewa wrote:
>As has been mentioned by some already, PROPERLY CRAFTED
>mission statements can really do a lot in terms of planning,
>acquisition, and arguments for day to day maintenance.
>If we in the biological collections community cannot explain
>to others why collections should even exist, we have done
>a disservice to our field.  If the general public (and some
>other scientists as welll) view museums/collections as nothing
>more than "show-and-tell musty dusties," what have we
>contributed to education about natural science?  Mission
>statements that really speak to missions help explain us.


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