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Ellen Farr MNHBO001 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Fri May 10 15:43:23 CDT 1996

The Botany Department of the Smithsonian Institution and the
International Association for Plant Taxonomy are pleased to
announce that the Index Nominum Genericorum (ING) can now be
searched on the National Museum of Natural History's Web
site.  The URL is:

The ING database covers validly published generic names of
plants (including fungi).  The original intent of the index
was to bring generic names in all plant groups together in a
single list to reveal cases of homonymy.  In addition, ING
includes bibliographic citations and information about the
typification and nomenclatural status of generic names.

Over 110 botanists have collaborated on the ING project over
its 42-year history and we feel that the Web offers an ideal
way to give those needing information about generic names of
plants access to the current version of the database and a
convenient way to send additions and corrections to the

Please read the home page and the help files where the
format of the records and the limitations on coverage are
discussed before searching the database

Ellen Farr, Smithsonian Institution
mnhbo001 at

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