Synonymic Index of the Flora of Switzerland

Mon May 13 13:59:58 CDT 1996

Dear Taxacomers,

The Centre of the Swiss Floristic Network (CSFN) is pleased to announ=
ce the=20
publication of=20


the SYNONYMIC INDEX of the FLORA of SWITZERLAND and its limitroph ter=

  (Index Synonymique de la Flore de Suisse et territoires limitrophes=


This Index was written by Drs. D. Aeschimann et Ch. Heitz, respective=
 authors of =20
the French and German versions of the pocket-sized edition of the Swi=
ss Flora.

In view of the next editions of these Floras, the authors of the Inde=
x have=20
accepted to work together towards the elimination of nomenclatural an=
d taxonomic=20
divergences persisting between the two versions.

The aim of this Index is to HARMONIZE the botanic nomenclature in Swi=

All the names listed in the main Swiss botanic books, i.e. 4600 names=
, have been=20
put in alphabetic order and numbered. Among these 4600 names, 3382 ha=
ve been=20
selected and are followed by the French, German and Italian common no=
The names which have not been selected (synonyms, misapplications, et=
c.) are=20
followed by the number(s) referring to the selected name.

You will also find the indexes of the French, German and Italian comm=
on nouns.

If you are interested in this book, or in the activities of our Centr=
e, please=20

Raoul PALESE=09=09=09=09=09Tel:    19 41 22 418 51 78
CRSF=09=09=09=09=09=09Fax:    19 41 22 418 51 01
Case Postale 60=09=09=09=09=09E-mail: palese at
CH - 1292 Chamb=E9sy

I look forward to hear from you

Raoul Palese
Coordinator CSFN

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