Responses to request for source of colored archival paper

Cindy Ramotnik ramotnik at UNM.EDU
Mon May 20 17:50:56 CDT 1996

Dr. Robert W. Dickerman, Division of Birds, Museum of Southwestern
Biology, Albuquerque, would like to express his thanks to those who
responded to his request for information on a source of blue paper
suitable for skin labels.  The Conservationist of the library of the
American Museum of Natural History recommended "New York Central Art
Supply", 62 Third Avenue, NY, NY 10003 (tel:212-473-7705;
fax:212-475-2542) as a source of good quality art papers.  Dr. Dickerman
obtained a medium depth gray-blue paper made by Fabriano Tizano with the
following specifications: 16 oz, 30% cotton, acid neutral, @$1.98/sheet
(27"x39"); they come in a variety of colors.  These sheets were cut to
8.5"x11"; a computer format was developed for printing labels 2.5"x5"
which read "Topotype of:"; three across and 20 down, thus each large
sheet yielded 540 labels!  A LaserJet printer was used, each sheet handfed.

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