molecular species?

Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Mon May 20 20:45:09 CDT 1996

>I would be interested to know if the codes of nomenclature and/or
>common usage requires it that the names of organism have to be
>based on a morphological description.  Assuming that it allows the
>unambiguous identification of a particular organism, could a
>molecular sequence, (be it as a gel, a paper hardcopy or an electronic
>file) become the name bearing type?

Ornithologists have been known to specify species based on song, which is
non-morphological.  Therefore, I would assume that a definitive sequence would
be allowable, as well.  However, it is the *individual* from whom the song (or
sequence) was determined that is the type, not the sonagram (or sequence), per
se.  I don't know exactly how this applies to bacteria, but assume that a type
colony is kept on hand (in stasis, to prevent evolution?).

Since I'm no expert at theICZN, I've sent my opinion to you, not Taxacom.

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