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Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Wed May 22 14:13:58 CDT 1996

An aussie wrote:

> Although APGS has a WWW site, as given by Karen yesterday, ordering is
> *not* possible through this site.

That is not correct. Here is the exact text from the order page
( Read
it carefully.

"AGPS offers a mail order system.  If you want a publication please
enter the details on the following form.  Please limit your
selection to those titles available on the Publications Catalogue.
If no credit card details are submitted with this order AGPS will
contact you about payment details.  You are cautioned that sending
credit card information across the Internet may be insecure.  In the
near future AGPS will offer a secure system for credit card
transfers. Postage charges will be added to the cost
of the item. You may print off this sheet and fill in the
details and then fax it to +61 06 295 4888."

The page is a normal cgi mailform. They are telling you that you
*may* fax  it  *instead* of e-mailing it. If you press the button it
is e-mailed.

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