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James Lyons-Weiler weiler at ERS.UNR.EDU
Fri May 24 18:51:37 CDT 1996

Apologies for semi-redundant and cross postings.  New information

************ Announcing RASA 1.1.1 and RASA Plot 1.1.1 **************
(updated 5/24/96)

Nascent software for the Mac that will perform "Relative Apparent
Synapomorphy Analysis", a test for the presence of phylogenetic
signal (a.k.a. cladistic hierarchy) in any type of discrete character
data matrix (morphological or molecular), is now available at the
following URL as a binhexed self-extracting archive:

***   and by anonymous ftp at (pub) (rasa)

There you'll find rasa.sea, which contains the following:

RASA 1.1.1      <-- Reads a data file, measures signal,
                    and writes a file readable by:

RASA Plot 1.1.1 <-- Allows you to view in graphical and tabular
                    form the results of the test.       <-- A help file that you might find, well,

sample1         <-- A sample data file with no signal.
sample2         <-- A sample data file with signal.

README-1.1.1    <-- A file with FAQs, bugs, etc.

Although this software is in the beta stage, I consider the output to be
reliable.  The reference for the algorithm and detailed justification
and discussion of limitations of the approach can be expected in July:

Lyons-Weiler, J., G.A. Hoelzer, and R.J. Tausch. 1996. Relative Apparent
Synapomorphy Analysis (RASA) I: the statistical measurement of
phylogenetic signal.  Molecular Biology and Evolution, in press.

A more sophisticated version in under development.  Send questions off the
list; FAQs will be included in the README file as they arrive.

Direct inquiries to weiler at


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