Cuban Oregano

Kent E. Holsinger kent at DARWIN.EEB.UCONN.EDU
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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Halse <halser at BCC.ORST.EDU> writes:

    Richard> Recently a plant has been brought into the herbarium at
    Richard> OSC for identification that has the common name of Cuban
    Richard> Oregano. It is a cultivated house plant. The plant is in
    Richard> the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is somewhat succulent
    Richard> with a strong odor that reminds me of turpentine. I have
    Richard> been unable to come up with a genus or species for this
    Richard> plant. I suspect the plant is relatively new to the
    Richard> horticultural trade. Does anyone know what the plant
    Richard> could be? Thanks for your help.

Could it be Verbenaceae? According to Mabberly, some species of
_Lippia_ have leaves used as tea, others as `oregano' in Central and
South America, especially L. graveolens and L. micromera.

-- Kent

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