Cataloging photographic slides

Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Mon May 27 15:32:58 CDT 1996

Mary Barkworth requested information on a method for cataloguing photographic

I am currently the representative for a software program specifically
designed for viewing and sorting photographic images (it can also accommodate
quick-time video and digitized audio recordings). Each image can be searched
using up to 100 separate fields (including a general notes section) and can
be viewed grouped as one of 8 small images, 2 larger and 1 "full view" per
"page." Images are stored in the hard-drive as low resolution "jpegs" for
speed of access, with the "memory hog" hi-res image residing on auxilliary
media (back up hard-drive, Zip disk, Syquest disk, optical or CD, etc.)

For information, brochure or a demo CD Rom, please contact me.

(I am doing this as a for profit venture. If anybody has a problem with
per-request advertising (as opposed to general spamming), I would remind them
that the Internet was designed to  facilitate communication between
politicians striving to perfect weapons of mass destruction and their
academic and industrial whores. In other words; please spare any
sanctimonious flames about the "degradation" of the net by commercial
activity--they will fall on deaf ears.)


J. Rifkind

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