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James Dean MNHVZ065 at SIVM.SI.EDU
Wed May 29 13:48:14 CDT 1996

Announcing a new world wide web site:

 BIRDNET, the Ornithological Information Source, presented by the
 Ornithological Council, is now up and running on the World Wide Web. It can
 be accessed at it's permanent site at

 In addition to information on the Ornithological Council, information on
 several of the major professional ornithological societies, government and
 non-government organizations involved with ornithology, and links to other
 sites of interest to ornithologists can be found through the site. BIRDNET
 is under constant development and will continue to expand to meet the needs
 of the ornithological community. Questions, comments and suggestions can be
 sent to Robert Hole, Jr. rbh2 at or rhole at


 The American Ornithologists' Union's home page can be accessed at this

 The Association of Field Ornithologists home page can be accessed at this

 The Raptor Research Foundation home page can be accessed at

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