Cataloging photographic slides

Wed May 29 14:03:00 CDT 1996

In response to Mary Barkworth's question about cataloguing photographic
slides, Jacques Rifkind <Muisca at> wrote:

>(I am doing this as a for profit venture. If anybody has a problem with
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Mary et al.,

There are several Usenet newsgroups where professional photographers
(and photo stock dealers) hang out, where you can get expert advice:,, and are probably
your best bets.  Or, if you want to get lots of mail from vendors etc.,
post a solicitation in

When I posted a similar query myself to the original newsgroup
a few years ago (before its first split), the many replies I got could
be summarized as follows:  for the high quality of information I needed
to record, I should either buy a professional photo stock management
package (costing thousands of dollars), or adapt any standard database
package and "roll my own" data structures.  I have chosen to roll my own.

I am also very interested in the natural history data model projects now
developing on the Internet, which are very relevant to this topic.  See
the following URLs:

(I'd be interested to know of any other projects like these!  Thanks.)

Hope this helps,

        Una Smith

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