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Andrey Sharkov asharkov at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Fri Nov 1 11:00:30 CST 1996

O.K., O.K., O.K.!

First, thanks for correcting me about the origin of man. I know that man did
not evolve from any extant species of monkeys. I used the word "monkey" only
for a joke (it would not be funny, if I used "protohominid"). I know that
man and apes just share a common ancester and that people are as evolved as
monkeys (please, don't send me messages saying "Yes, especially you!).

Second, of course, the joke was intended for those who don't believe in God.
I hope that some of you found it funny. As to those of you who do believe in
God, simply ignore it. I agree that it was not the most innocent joke, but I
don't agree that one must respect religion or religious feelings. I may
respect some religious people (and I do), but not because of their religious
feelings. I don't think that religious feelings have to be respected any
more than non-religous ones. I never heard, for instance, anybody saying,
"Oh! Don't do that, it may hurt people's non-religious feelings", while I
hear the opposite all the time. But it's O.K. I don't demand that my
non-religious feelings are respected, and if somebody wants to make jokes
about them, I won't be hurt. I did't want to hurt anybody's feelingsl, and
if I did, I apologize.

Third and last, I did't intend to start a discussion about the evolution and
religion. It was just a joke, and nothing more. Please, don't take it
seriously. If you liked it, it's O.K., if you didn't, it's O.K. too.



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