Sat Nov 2 08:36:30 CST 1996

>On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Andrey Sharkov wrote:
>> We, scientists, all agree with Darwin that man was not created by the God
>> but evolved from monkey. I propose that after last weeks' acknowledgement by

>James answered:
>We do not all agree that humans evolved from monkies.  We agree that
>humans and monkeys share a common ancestor, which we might call a
>protohomonid, but not necessarily a monkey.  Your reference to humans
>evolving from monkies perpetuates a deep misrepresentation that creation
>scientists then play around with.  I urge everyone to be more careful when
>they refer to the common ancestry component of the theory of evolution,
>and not conflate extant species with ancestral ones.
>James Lyons-Weiler
>Happy Hallowe'en

Thanks James, I would think that this group would be as sensitive as
any to this point.

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