Instruction for Commentary for Codes of Biological Nomenclature Symposium

Sun Nov 3 06:21:00 CST 1996

Instructions to Contributors of Commentaries


[Sorry about the long address -- put the two pieces together!]

Members of the systematic community who are unable to attend Monday's (4
November) mini-symposium at the University of Maryland may wish to
contribute commentaries for the electronically published proceedings. Below
are the instructions. Commentaries are specifically requested regarding the
BioCode (see and the proposal to adopt
a code based on phylogeny rather than current Linnaean principles.

Commentaries should follow the general format of that given for such journals
as Taxon and Systematic Zoology. There should be a brief title followed by the
author(s) name, full mail and/or professional address, and an email address. A
brief abstract should precede the body of the text. If literature is cited,
this section should be included.

All scientific names, titles of book and journals, and other items that
normally would appear in italics should be tagged with the HTML command: <i>
and </i> as in <i>Rudbeckia hirta</i>, <i>Asteraceae</i>, <i>Taxon</i>, <i>et
al.</i>. It would be helpful if each paragraph was tagged with a <p> and </p>
at the start and at the end.

Those wishing to more fully tag their contributions might consult or see

There is no restriction as to length of your contribution but reason should
prevail. Illustration can be included if they are in a form that will rapidly

Send your questions and/or commentary by electronic mail to James L. Reveal at
jr19 at All submissions should be received by 15 November 1996 to
allow peer review and such editing as is appropriate. Formal electronic
publication is proposed for 1 December 1996. The proceedings will be archived
and will be in a form for easy printing.

Mailing Address: Department of Plant Biology, University of Maryland, College
Park, Maryland 20742-5815 (USA).

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