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Mon Nov 11 23:10:42 CST 1996

Cher John MacNeill,

sauf erreur, j'ai bien peur que la question soit encore un peu plus
compliquee. Lorsque vous faites references a l'Art. 60.11, vous oubliez la
clause restrictive <<(but not 60C.2)>> (Art. 60.11: <<The use of a
termination (for example -i, -ii, -ae [...]) contrary to Rec. 60C.1 (but
not 60C.2) is treated as an error to be corrected[...]>>.
J'avais deja attire l'attention sur ce point dans une intervention passee
(dans une reponse au celebre Joseph Laferriere, le 12 septembre 1996
00:15:48 GMT, <<Re: help educating employer>>).
Rec. 60C.2: <<Personal names already in Greek or Latin, or possessing a
well-established latinized form, should be given their appropriate Latin
genitive to form substantive epithets (e. g. alexandri from Alexander or
Alexandre, augusti from Agustus or August or Auguste [...].>>

Si le nom a traiter est vraiment <<F. A. Wislizenus>>, on peut soutenir que
ce nom latinise est <<already in [...] Latin>> et dans ce cas la forme de
l'epithete est <<wislizeni>> (le passage <<wislizenus>> -> <<wislizenii>>
serait un peu choquant).

Salutations distinguees,

Jacques Melot, Reykjavik
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>The relevant Article is 60.11 :- "The use of a termination (for example
>-i, -ii, -ae, -iae, -anus, -or -ianus) contrary to Rec. 60C.1 is treated
>as an error to be corrected."  Apart from the slight complexity of a
>Recommendation being given in this way the force of a rule, Rec. 60C.1
>is not as simple as implied by Peabody.
>Only if the epithet is derived from a personal name ending in a consonant
>(except -er), is the correction of an "-i" ending to "-ii" and an "-ae" ending
>to "-iae" required. E.g. "wilsonii" (NOT "wilsoni") from Paul Wilson or any of
>the many other male Wilsons, and "wilsoniae" (NOT "wilsonae") from Karen Wilson
>- or, of course, wislizenii, from Friedrich (or Frederick) Adolph Wislizenus
>Sorry to have to spoil Frederick Peabody's so delightfully simple assertion.
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