Alex Aylward a.aylward at IC.AC.UK
Wed Nov 13 18:45:33 CST 1996

To All
I have just started my PhD in the Entomology Department at the NHM and
Imperial. My thesis is on the "The legal aspects relating to the collection
of arthropod specimens for taxonomic study".

I am presently collecting anecdotes and facts on any issues relating to the
collection of arthropods for taxonomic study. However this at present does
not exclude the study of specimens whose primary use is not taxonomy. This
subject is by its very nature a global problem, and as with such issues
demands a coordinated global response.

My aim is to clarify this indistinct area. I hope that if you have any
thoughts on the above topic you could contact me, I would be pleased to read
your mail and contribute to the discussion which I know has been increasing
in recent years.

I am particularly interested in any practical difficulties which anyone has
encountered. For example inability to obtain suitable permits, or worse
still inability to enter the country for the purpose of collection.

Thank you
Alex Aylward

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