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>>Dear Taxacomers,
>>I'd appreciate any opinions regarding the following question:
>>Does a specific name have to agree in gender and/or be latinized if it is a
>>noun in apposition. For example, if I were to name a species "ladidadida"
>>which was, say, an idiomatic expression in a Romance language (and say "dida"
>>was a feminine word in that language) would it still be correct according to
>>the Code to have "Rus (masculine generic name) ladidadida" if it were
>>indicated that this was a noun rather than an adjective?
>>Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
>>Jacques Rifkind (aka Gena Gulamentum)
>I can only answer as regards plants (International Code of Botanical
>Specific epithets are always treated as Latin, regardless of origin
(Principle V) and may be (a) an adjective, (b) noun in gentive (possessive)
case, or (c) word in apposition (Art. 23.1).  Only type (a) must agree in
gender with the generic name.  Type (b) takes the gender and number of the
person(s) honored: jonesii for Mr. Jones, jonesiae for Mrs. Jones,
jonesiorum for the Jones brothers, jonesiarum for the Jones sisters.  Type
(c) Nouns in apposition would have the case and number (ordinarily
nominative plural) of the generic name, but their own gender as appropriate.
Some look extremely non-Latin: Cyanea pohaku is one I coined, from the
Hawaiian noun for Rock, in honor of botanist Joseph Rock who used Pohaku as
a nickname (there was already a Cyanea rockii).  Another was Cyanea
kuhihewa, from a Latin verb meaning "to not recognize someone when you see
them."  (the species was at first misidentified as a previously described
but long extinct relative).  In this case, it looks Latin with the -a
ending, but thats just a happy coincidence.
>Hope this helps.
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