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At 08:27 AM 11-20-96 EST, you wrote:
>Thomas G. Lammers (lammers at fmppr.fmnh.org) wrote:
>>                                                Another was Cyanea
>>kuhihewa, from a Latin verb meaning "to not recognize someone when you
>>see them."  (the species was at first misidentified as a previously
>>described but long extinct relative).  In this case, it looks Latin
>>with the -a ending, but thats just a happy coincidence.
>Surely not a "Latin verb" - maybe that of a Hawaiian language?
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Yes, of course, a Hawaiian verb.  Sorry.  Also, in my same post, "nominative
plural" should have read "nominative singular" (case and number of generic
names).  A bad day for thinking clearly, apparently.

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