Use of PCR/DNA Techniques for routine identification of fish larvae

Darrel E. Snyder desnyder at PICEA.CNR.COLOSTATE.EDU
Fri Nov 22 05:28:06 CST 1996

Researchers working with early life stages of fishes (and I'm sure other
organisms) are often unable to confidently distinguish species using
morphogical characters.  We are considering the possibility of trying to
adapt, refine, or develop molecular (e.g., PCR/DNA) techniques for routine
taxonomic diagnosis of our more troublesome taxa.  Ideally these protocols
must be reliable, quick, easy, relatively inexpensive, and require very
small amounts of tissue from fresh (frozen), alcohol-preserved, and, if
possible, formalin-preserved specimens.

We would like to hear if anyone that is already using (or developing) such
molecular techniques for "routine" determination or verification of larval
(or older) fish identity.

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