hybrids and synonymy

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Dear Dennis:

If the hybrid has a validly published binomial (given to it when it was
considered worthy of species rank) and the taxon is later determined by
additional data to represent a hybrid, the hybrid is typically retained as
such as a distinct taxon (albeit a nothotaxon combining the genomes of two
distinct parental types) and, commonly (unless it's an allopolyploid
relative to the parents) also gets an 'x' before the epithet.  In no case
does a hybrid get synonymized under either of its parental species unless a
taxonomist determines that nothing can profitably be distinguished in the
entire complex that includes the putative parents.

This is my own understanding.  What do others interpret from this?

Best wishes,
Harvey Ballard

>Here's another question about synonymy.  I suspect it's covered in the
>code, but I don't have a copy here.
>If a species is found to be a hybrid, is it then listed as a synonym under
>both parental species?  Or only under the species named first?
>Thanks for a response.
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