hybrids and synonymy

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Tue Nov 26 12:01:22 CST 1996

>I think Harvey has it right.  Michaux (the younger, I believe)
>published Quercus heterophylla as a new species.  It was later determined
>to be a hybrid between Quercus rubra and Quercus phellos.  Now it is
>designated as Quercus x heterophylla Michaux, and it is not treated as a
>synonym of either parent.
>Richard J. Jensen

And thanks to others who have posted me privately about this.

It would seem, therefore, that anyone writing a check-list with a complete
synonymy would be forced to append somewhere on it a list of all names that
are considered hybrids, so Xus yus, a name in the literature based on a
hybrid, would be found *somewhere* in the check-list.

I guess one could append a list of hybrids either at the end of a
check-list or under the appropriate genus (in the latter case, named
intergeneric hybrids would have to go under the family heading).  This
could be a substantial effort in botanical check-lists, with the abundance
of plant hybrids.  I doubt if there has been consistency, at least in

It's interesting that I have seen check-lists that *don't* include these
names, in animal taxa in which I know hybrids have been described.  Some
authors have apparently just swept the hybrid names under the rug, perhaps
not knowing exactly what to do with them.

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