What are we going to do about Copyright?

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Tue Nov 5 07:49:16 CST 1996

I have been watching the discusssion concerning nomenclatural references.
I strongly agree with the recent correspondents who state that the bibliography
of an article should list the references cited in nomenclatural part of
a description of a taxon.  Perhaps, some might feel justified in omitting
them when the reference is a "CLASSIC," but that the approach of omission
is applied when a paper has just recently appeared seems a kind of false
consistency.  I have always thought that a literature cited section should
be complete.  That any citation of any kind in the text of a paper should
be found in full in a single place.  Also, I think the recent trend to ask
authors to omit the authorial citation on taxa outside the Kingdom of focus
in a paper is odd, just at the moment when we are trying to establish some
knowledge of ecological relationships.  Nevertheless a prominent journal
is proposing this approach.

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