Valid description?

Michael Ivie ueymi at GEMINI.OSCS.MONTANA.EDU
Thu Nov 7 13:26:05 CST 1996

I would like opinions on whether or not the following 1985 text
constitutes a valid description of Achrestus chalumeaui.  It is
accompanied by a figure, but that type of indication is not allowed by
Art. 13e.  The crux of the matter is if the text is "a description or
definition that states in words characters that are purported to
differentiate the taxon" [Art 13 a (i)].

Two points that may or may not matter.  1. I think it is clear the author
did not INTEND to validate the name, and 2. the figure caption uses
"Achrestus sp.", supporting point 1.

If the name IS valid, who is the author?  Clearly Chasain did not publish
the name, but if the author of the paper is the author of the name, it
becomes A. chalumeaui Chalumeau.

Note: I left out the diacritical marks below because my system does not
support them, and to put them in after the letter involved makes it even
harder to read.  I hope I have not insulted anyone for not giving the
proper attention to their language construction.  It is not meant to be
disrespectful, just expedient.


  F. cameneni est un mime (homochrome, homeocinetique et homotypique) du
Lampyridae Photinus vittiger (Gyllenhal) (fig.3).  Cette derniere est
egalement <<copiee>> par l'Elateride Achrestus (chalumeaui Chassain in
litt.) (fig.4) et la Meloide Pseudozonitus (?) marginatus (F.) [=
Epicauta annulicornis Chevrolat, d'apres Selander & Bouseman (1960)].

  Toutes ces especes sont presentes dans les zones mesophile superieure
et hygrophile inferieure de l'ile.  Le Lamypride etant le plus commun des

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