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Frederick J. Peabody fpeabody at SUNFLOWR.USD.EDU
Tue Nov 12 09:03:45 CST 1996

>snip all of the ICBN stuff<

> Sorry to have to spoil Frederick Peabody's so delightfully simple assertion.
> John
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Thanks, John, for the rehersal of the relevant Code sections.  At the
time of my posting I was unwilling and unable to type all of this
material, and deemed it unnecessary given the readership of this list.

I guess that I assumed that if a name was incorrectly constructed (a fact
which could be determined by anyone who can read the Code) that it should
be corrected.  Any of us who are familiar with the Latin language, and
specifically botanical Latin, and who are in the business of naming taxa,
should certainly consult the Code.  Additionally, my assertion is that we
should not propagate incorrect names in our revisions, monographs, and

I do not consider your comments to have spoiled my "delightfully simple
assertion" but rather to have reminded us of something that we all should
F.J. Peabody

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