So many listservers we share...

GB:'X0B$4fAB92GB5 76711.1261 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Nov 18 16:17:29 CST 1996

Dear Steve and otherc,

This is what puzzle me, so many entomologist have to share so many listservers,
Forest entomology, entomo-l, taxacom, iczn-4, canopy, bugnet, chinese
entomology-l, ent-list, cites,delta-l, infoterra...., and there is other for
lepidopterists, dipterists, etc. what I am not connected... I am getting over 50
e-mails per day.

Please fill properly subject, especially when you reply but you are changing the

Keep care and be of good cheer

Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptiste
of Bejsak (Bayshark)-Collorado-Mansfeld
84th duke of Siebenlugner
Coleoptera - Australia, Tenebrionidae of World
Konevova 1658/110
130 00 Prague 3 Zizkov
ph.: (42+2) 270849 (home)
e-mail: 76711.1261 at

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