good herbarium facilities

Jaakko Hyvönen jaakko.hyvonen at UTU.FI
Fri Nov 22 09:58:17 CST 1996

Dear Colleagues,
Here in Turku a new building will be built for TUR (with TURA
incorporated). I discussed with the architect yesterday and he said that
good examples from other herbaria would be most welcome. So, if you think
that you have good, well-functioning facilities I would greatly appreciate
if you take contact to me. Especially replies from the staff based in new
buildings of mid size herbaria (< 1 M spp.) would be suitable. However, I
must warn you in advance that I will most probably bother you with some
more detailed questions. Thanks in advance for all help.
Best regards
Jaakko Hyv=F6nen
jaakko.hyvonen at

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