incertae sedis and homonymy (just checking)

Mon Nov 25 20:42:38 CST 1996

Alan Harvey wrote:

>This is a straight nomenclatural question. Muller (1978) described the
>fossil hermit crab Anapagurus marginatus. However (1), this name was
>already used for an extant species by A. Milne Edwards and Bouvier (1893).
>However (2), Garcia-Gomez (1994) decided that ME&B's taxon was not an
>Anapagurus, but didn't know what it was, and considered it a species
>incertae sedis.

[stuff deleted]

>The Principle of Homonymy prevents a name that is either a valid name or
>a junior synonym of another name from being used as a valid name, but
>the incertae sedis category [...] ?


I think you're conflating taxonomy and nomenclature.  The nomenclatural
rules prohibit use of the name Anapagurus marginatus for two different
animals, REGARDLESS of their taxonomic positions.  It sounds as though
Garcia-Gomez could have tidied up the nomenclature while adjusting the

        Una Smith

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