Systematic coleopterist position in Copenhagen

Scharff, Nikolaj {ZMUC} nscharff at ZMUC.KU.DK
Tue Nov 26 15:19:00 CST 1996

Position as tenured systematic entomologist: 'Lektor' (associate
professor & curator) in the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen.

A position for a systematic entomologist to carry out research on the
systematics, phylogeny, morphology, and zoogeography of Coleoptera is
open in the Department of Entomology of the Zoological Museum, University
of Copenhagen. Candidates must have a Ph.D. (or equivalent) degree,
postdoctoral-level research experience, as well as experience in
collection management. Beginning February 1997 or soon thereafter.


1) Curation/administration of the Zoological Museum's collections of
Coleoptera, including field work aiming at collection development.
2) Participation through research, administration and teaching in
national and international programmes in which the Museum is involved,
including initiation and development of such programmes.
3) Supervision of Cand.scient. (Master's level) and Ph.D. students;
participation in courses in systematic entomology.
4) Participation in institutional administration.

Desirable experience:

1) Global or large-scale systematic revisions.
2) Documented familiarity with modern systematic and phylogenetic
3) Research background fitting current departmental foci in either (a)
high-rank phylogeny of endopterygote insects, (b) interactions between
phylogenetic systematics and biological/ecological information
(ecological phylogenetics), (c) historical biogeography, or (d) diversity
of terrestrial arthropods.
4) Demonstrable field experience.

The application must provide relevant information on the applicant's
teaching experience.

If the successful candidate is non-Danish she/he will be obliged to learn
the Danish language to a degree enabling teaching, efficient
participation in committee work, etc., in Danish after 2 years.
Similarly, the candidate must acquire a working knowledge of the Danish
fauna for teaching and extension purposes.

Terms of employment and salary-level follow the agreement between the
State and the relevant union.

The applicant's qualifications will be evaluated by a specially appointed
Committee, and the entire report of the Evaluation Committee will be sent
to all applicants, who must treat material about other applicants
confidentially. The Evaluation Committee may ask for supplementary
material, which the applicant then must provide in the requested number
of copies.

The application proper should be marked 5224, L/18-96, adressed to the
Rector, University of Copenhagen, and sent together with a curriculum
vitae and list of publications to Det naturvidenskabelige Fakultet, Oster
Voldgade 3, DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Three copies of the
above-mentioned documents and relevant publications and manuscripts
should be sent to: The Director, Zoological Museum, Universitetsparken
15, DK-2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark. In the case of co-authored pblications
co-author statements are required.

For further information look up the home page of the Zoological Museum
(, or contact Professor Niels P.
Kristensen, phone (international direct +45 35 32 11 13), fax +45 35 32
10 10, e-mail: npkristens at

The deadline for applications is 6 January 1997.

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