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>    I'm sort of wondering what yalls thoughts are on the
>PRONUNCIATION or otherwise verbalized disposition of the "X". As
>at a meeting, standing up in front of a bunch of people.

>John B. Nelson
>Curator of the Herbarium (USCH)
>Department of Biological Sciences
>University of South Carolina
>Columbia SC 29208

I generally ignore it, or fudge by saying something like "the hybrid Quercus
heterophylla".  I certainly do not say "Quercus times heterophylla" or
"Quercus ecks heterophylla".  BTW, it is a multiplication sign [hard to do
via e-mail, but on WordPerfect 5.1 it's <control> <2> <6> <,> <39>], not the
24th letter of the Roman alphabet, and it should be appended to the
nothospecies epithet directly without an intervening space, i.e., Quercus
Xheterophylla.  One more reason I try not to fool with the damn things any
more than I have to, a prefer to designate hybrids solely by their putative
or actual parentage.

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