Evodia or Euodia?

marc sosef Marc.Sosef at PROSEA.PT.WAU.NL
Wed Nov 27 08:27:31 CST 1996

Dear Elaine,

I agree with John McNeill that you should use Euodia in stead of Evodia, but
are you aware of the fact that all but about 5 or 6 species of Euodia have
been transferred to the genus Melicope? (see Gard. Bull. Sing. 34: 91-131
(1981). Unfortunately, not all necessary new combinations have been
published, but a full revision of Melicope is being prepared by Dr. Thomas G.
Hartley, Australian National Herbarium, CSIRO Div. of Plant Industry, P.O.
Box 1600, Canberra, Australia 2601 (sorry, I don't know any no email adress).

with kind regards,

Marc S.M. Sosef
Plant Taxonomy Officer
PROSEA (Plant Resources of South-East Asia)
P.O. Box 341
6700 ED Wageningen
The Netherlands
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