zonotrichia capensis tissues

paul handford handford at JULIAN.UWO.CA
Wed Nov 27 16:57:18 CST 1996

Stephen Lougheed
<lougheed at biology.queensu.ca><http://biology.queensu.ca/~lougheed/> and I
are engaged in a large-scale phylogeographic study of Zonotrichia capensis
and we now have DNA-sequence data from a diversity of sites, from Costa
Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and much of Argentina. These samples derive largely
from our own collecting efforts, while some have been provided to us from
museum collections.

The picture emerging from these analyses would be powerfully informed by
data relating to birds from:  1) anywhere along the Caribbean/Atlantic
regions of northern and far-eastern south America (say Venezuela to Sao
Paolo), that is, from any of the subspecies:  venezuelae, capensis,
tocantinsi or matutina; and 2)  from the Bolivian high plateau.

This message is a request for help in locating tissue samples deriving from
any such localities (or feathers/skin fragments from which tissues may be
isolated).  Any sources would, of course, be offered reciprocal access to
our collection of Z. capensis samples.

Please respond either to me or to Lougheed, and thanks in advance for any help.

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